Athens Aeroservices highly respected, and fully qualified aircraft maintenance engineers trained and experienced team prides itself on its ability to fully manage our customers’ aircrafts, both at the line station and at main base operational center,to perform maintenance tasks, inspections defects repair and troubleshooting of all designated aircraft systems.

We provide the following services:

  • Transit Check
  • Overnight maintenance
  • Dailly Check
  • Weekly check
  • A Check
  • ETOPS preflight check
  • Work Packages
  • Unscheduled maintenance
  • In-depth troubleshooting
  • Cabin defect rectification
  • Aircraft short & long storage
  • Aircraft Return To Operation (RTO)
  • Engines wash
  • Βorescope inspections
  • Engine change services
  • Minor notification
  • Parts storage and associated logistics support
  • Structural repair support (Sheet metal work)


  • Hydraulic Service,
  • Nitrogen Service,
  • Engine Oil Service,
  • Oxygen System check,
  • Tire Pressure Service,
  • Fueling, assistance

We also support Borescope services for a variety of engines:

  • CF6-50
  • CF6-80
  • CFM56-3
  • CFM56-5
  • CFM56-7
  • V-2500 series
  • PW-4000
  • GTCP series
  • PW-1100
  • CF34


Athens Aeroservices has a 24/7 Maintenance Control Center to support maintenance activities for our customers.

The A.A.S Maintenance Control Center is staffed with EASA certified Aircraft Maintenance Experience engineers to coordinate and support the respective airline operation.

The Duty Engineers are responsible for continuous monitoring of aircraft technical status, ensuring correct 24 hours short term maintenance planning and AOG recovery, providing immediate real time guidance to 145 Maintenance providers or Airline pilots on interpretation of the MEL dispatch and technical trouble shooting.

The role is the primary interface between the maintenance providers / CAMO department/s and the flight crew on a day to day basis, then report to the Head of Airline Tech CAMO and ultimately to assist for optimal performance of the a/c maintenance and operation at locations throughout Europe and World.

Additional services by MCC are:

  • As per customers’ needs and requests for operational support
  • Parts orders
  • Parts component planning;
  • Aircraft Defects monitoring and control.


At our main base ,A.A.S team of experience engineers is available 24/7 to provide AOG support assistance at any airport.

Athens Aeroservices with extensive line stations network could dispatch an AOG team from any of the Line stations of our capability. We offer our support through a wide and ever-growing network of stations. We offer our services wherever they are needed, flexibly, quickly and above all reliably. Our goal is to consistently and constantly provide the highest level of service options available to our customers. Our strategy is to focus on reducing ground time in order to reduce cost and maximize utilization.

One call is all it takes, no matter which type of aircraft it is, A.A.S will respond.

Many of our customers after experiencing our AOG response and performance are now amongst our most important and loyal customers.

TEL: +30 6987737320 +30 2103535404


AOG can include the following services support:

  • Maintenance vans fully equipped
  • Minor structural repairs
  • Boroscope inspection
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance support