The successful audits by European EASA, Hellenic HCAA, Egyptian ECAA and UAE Civil Aviation Authorities have confirmed our efforts.

Credit for this goes to the hard work and dedication of all our people. We strive for the best service with an emphasis on safety and compliance which is executed according to the highest standards of excellence and are subject to periodic audits.

HCAA (pdf)
ACAA (pdf)
ECAA (pdf)
GCAA (pdf)
TCAA (pdf)

Apart from the pure technical aspect of our industry, Athens Aeroservices is concerned on matters of the Environmental impact that its services might have on the planet. Thus we are fully Certified with the ISO 140001:2004 from TUV Hellas for our Athens International Airport Station and we are currently undergoing through all necessary steps in order to acquire the certification for all our stations.

Furthermore, because Athens Aeroservices is highly concerned with the health and safety of its staff, which we consider to be our most valuable asset, and hence we already implement a strict policy and we are in the process of pursuing the OHSAS 18001 Certificate in order to be officially certified as well.

ISO 140001 TUV HELLAS (pdf)